What is gnawing on our willow?

What is gnawing on our willow?

It looks like someone has drilled with a dull drill in our pale willow bush. Is the ram the culprit?

Response: It is probably not the beetle in the picture, an olive green beetle, that is the culprit in the drama, as it only feeds on dead wood.

According to experts, it may be a beetle called willow that has caused the damage to the bush. The larvae live under the bark and later drill into the branch to develop into a finished beetle for a long time. Even adult rams can eat willow or willow, as it is also called.

Videbock does no major damage to the bush and they do not usually invade in large numbers. Therefore, you do not need to do anything for them. Let nature be at peace.

This is how easy baking soda becomes your new garden helper! We list 4 good tricks!

Blooms with light yellow flowers on bare twig, earliest of all forsythias. The beautiful twigs can be taken in and pushed into a vase during the spring winter, and they spread a wonderful scent in the home.

A bush with beautiful red autumn colors. Thrives best in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil.

What eats vultures

Vultures - Vulture control in the garden and in the lawn

  1. Do what you can to avoid voles. Keep the grass short and do not have planting near buildings. Do not feed birds so that bird seeds are spilled on the ground. Plant plants that do not like voles, garlic, chives and bell lily. The best way to avoid problems with indoor voles is to prevent them
  2. What do vultures eat? We have a discussion on Found Cats in focus, a girl claims that voles eat her grandmother's cats food. They get food inside a barn, as far as I understand. But I argue that voles do not eat dry food for cats at all
  3. So you get rid of sorkar M is facts about sorkar . In short sorkar. Voleis a rodent that feeds on plants and plant parts. Most often, the worm creates worries for us humans by destroying gardens with their walkways or by them eats on tree trunks, seedlings and more
  4. Sorkar - the ultimate guide (2020) Sork are small shy animals that may seem quite innocent. But once you have voles in your garden, you may need to act quickly! These small rodents can soon destroy large parts of your garden if you do not get over them
  5. They eat roots and destroy! What can you do? You can not have the lawnmower running at idle around the clock, because I have heard that they do not like that sound. When you have as big problems with vultures as you seem to have, I think it will be difficult to scare them away
  6. Sork eats roots. I know there are voles in our garden. What can it be for plants in that case? MVH Inger. Cultivate Answers: Ordinary black plastic mesh pipes or insect nets made of metal can be used to protect shrubs and multi-stemmed trees from the field.
  7. Mole or voles? The holes reveal whether it is moles or voles. Examine the holes: The mole mounds are higher and more pointed than the water vole, in addition, the mole lays the mound over the (i) hole. So you remove the pile and there is a hole so it is probably mole. The moles of the mole are slightly oval horizontally

Snakes also eat voles, but few have snakes in the garden voluntarily. Horses can help against voles by eating the grass so that it is short, which means that the field voles do not thrive. In addition, the vulture does not like the vibrations and flattened soil that horses create when they walk around. What does the barn owl eat? The hawk owl is a medium-sized owl with a long tail and wings, which makes it look more like a hawk than other owls. The upper side is brownish gray with white spots and the underside white with dark transverse streaks. What do foxes and other predators eat, do they feast on mushrooms and berries? Especially when the staple food small rodents (voles, mice) try, it takes what is offered. In other words, it is an opportunist. As a forest owner, you need knowledge about what applies to forest ownership and how you can manage your forest in the best way

. Fy bubble what such a large rodent can put in, is my first thought. The cats' catches have eluded me for a while. The first lump I found on the living room floor last year, only the butt was left. Apparently the cat could not eat the big rodent. This list covers the various characters in the series Bamse by Rune Andréasson .. The three main characters Bamse. Teddy bear is a small brown bear that becomes the world's strongest bear when eaten by Grandma's thunder honey. [1] He never fights but tries to make the bad guys kinder instead What do storks eat? The basis of the diet is animal food: from small insects, mollusks, pests and amphibians to small mammals. You can often see a stork eating snakes and frogs. The stork, which is described to your attention in the article, can catch a small bird, mouse, hare or gopher. They gnaw away the bark of bushes and eat grass, leaves and seeds. They also eat insects and dead animals, but their favorite food is meadow wool. This seems to give the meat a good taste because the fox prefers field sork to meadow sork

What do vultures eat? Swedish nature iFoku

  1. We sometimes come across mice and voles in our houses and gardens, where they can sometimes be a nuisance. But most often they are out in nature. These small rodents are staple food for foxes, martens, weasels and ermines as well as for owls and many other birds of prey.
  2. Who eats who in the forest You need • Scissors puzzles that show how plants and animals are eaten in the forest. 2. Cut out the pictures with the animals and the description of what they eat. Attach a small lump of fastener behind each of the mainly voles. The forest hare (Lepus timidus) eats all kinds of small trees, rice and herbs in the forest.
  3. For example, water snakes eat the root systems of trees while field snakes gnaw on the bark above ground. Vultures can also eat grain and other cultivated plants. The propagation rate of voles is very high. A small population can quickly become a much larger one because the females can give birth several times a year. Sork can be controlled in several ways
  4. I have put cut beans that have come up 5-6 cm. But this morning when I came out, half of the plants were gone, two stems were left, and it looked like they were uprooted! The leaves were dehydrated as well. What animal does that? Vole
  5. a onion. Posted by: Nugga: Hello there! Who has devoured himself
  6. It eats what it finds, other small rodents such as voles, birds such as grouse, frogs, eggs and carcasses. It is also largely scavenger and lives on the remains of what others have managed to catch. Especially during the winter, reindeer carcasses killed by larger predators can be an important food
  7. The field sork is the country's most common sork. PHOTO: Istock. When field acorns gnaw on fruit trees, it is usually about gnawing damage to the bark during the winter, when there is not much grass and herbs to eat. The water squirrel is the largest in the country, up to 30 centimeters long. When it settles in an orchard, it does not just eat the bark

Sorks: do-it-yourself guide to fighting sor

  • What does a badger eat? Compact, furry badgers are powerful, nocturnal creatures. They lie in the ground during the day until sunset. During the summer months, badgers often show up before dusk. Badgers do not overwinter in the winter but hollow tunnels 30 feet long electricity
  • Which little bird? What does it eat? We not only sell the best food for small birds - we also know the most about birds. In our bird school, all birds are presented, arranged according to usual, that can appear at your bird feeding. The determination is thus easier because you can easily decide based on probability
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  • What does Sork Mean? individual of most species in the subfamily licks and voles among rodents When predators can not hunt voles, they eat poultry instead. Should it be voles, these can be scared away with, for example, vibrating wind turbines that are stuck into the ground
  • Mice and voles are a natural part of the landscape in and around a cottage in the country. But even though it is fun with animals, it can be a bit too much of a good thing if they eat what you grow or destroy inside the cottage. Since you live in southern Sweden, it can probably also be moles that, together with voles, stir in the garden

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What do ducks and geese eat & quest What they eat is one of the things that separates ducks from geese. Geese get most of their food on land, largely eating grass, leaves, herbs and grains when available. They also eat some aquatic plants and small fish. Geese are also known to eat vultures dig holes and tunnels, often covering acres of land, to use as transportation roads, daycare centers and homes. They spend the most time in these tunnels and caves. They find their food with the help of their sense of smell, but also literally run into their food, as one of the things they eat is stems and roots that hang down in their tunnels from the plants above. Vultures and moles can quickly cause major damage and unnecessary expenses. when setting the sight of your garden or garden. Therefore, always apply pest control directly to the first traces of voles. Sork sticks keep sores away A sork stick sticks into the ground and emits vibrations that scare away sores and moles What a fish eats depends on the type of fish it is. In this article, they have been categorized according to the type of food they consume. Predatory fish. A majority of fish are predators and therefore eat other organisms, such as plankton, anemones, crustaceans or smaller fish.

What to eat on the strawberries? I have some strawberry plants in a wooden box. Usually before I have time to pick the strawberries, it is someone else who has had time before. Sometimes half the strawberry is eaten, sometimes there is a hole in it. Sork, rats .. Reply Cane and beet sugar, grape and fruit sugar give great acidity. If you eat carbohydrates such as starch and fiber, it will not be as acidic. The exception is foods with starch that have become heavily heated, such as chips and cheesecakes. With snacks like chips and cheesecakes, it gets as sour in your mouth as when you eat cane sugar

During the winter, the deer mainly eat berry rice and heather. If the snow depth prevents grazing on these species, the deer eat twigs from conifers and deciduous trees. Both pine and spruce are eaten, although studies of the deer's food choices show that they eat most of the pine. Among deciduous trees, mainly willow and willow, birch, aspen, ash, rowan, bream and olvon Tema Hanne of dark u-girl (Coenagrion pulchellum) dominate. Photographer: Tuomas Kankanpää Now researchers know what the dragonfly eats September 29, 201 Rabbits, mice, voles and even squirrels like the taste of roses and often damage the lower leaves, buds and flowers. Moles and voles also eat Knock Out rose's roots. Try sprinkling predator urine, such as fox urine around the plant. often this will keep the animal away. Big animal What does the squirrel eat? Questioner Anita. Answered by Ann Dolling. Thursday, May 6, 2004 - 2:15 p.m. Question. We have a squirrel that ate the bird food during the winter. We want to continue to give him food and I wonder if you can possibly give him dry food for cats. The food varies from plankton, dead organic material, bacteria to larvae, worms, other crustaceans and fish. Depending on what is available and what size the crustacean is, the different species vary greatly in size

Sork eats up the forest. But at first he did not understand what it was he saw: - Everywhere I looked it shone white in the tops of the pine plants. Traces of small teeth What should rabbits eat? Rabbits are herbivores and fully adapted to live on a diet of grass, herbs, dry grass ie. hay and leaves. Their teeth, stomach and intestines depend on the rabbit eating enough fiber, otherwise it will get sick sooner or later. What should chickens actually eat? What Seashells for the need for lime (when given separately, they only eat the amount they need and do not get too much calcium) and the gravel for digestion and are needed when giving whole oats to prevent a stop in the demand What is a vole? Vultures are similar to mice, but these rodents usually have stronger organs and longer hair. Vultures live in different habitats and can cause damage to garden plants, shrubs and trees. In the United States and Canada, these creatures are called meadow mice, but in truth.

Get an overview of what the different types of vegetarian are limited to below: 1. Fruktterian. Fruit is hot again - you mainly eat fruit for all the meals of the day. Some eat only raw fruit, while others cook them, make smoothies, etc. In addition to fruit, many fructarians also eat vegetables and nuts. Expertise. What do moose eat? - Final report of large research project # 625439. Torbjörn Johnsen - Jönköping - Mon 17 Feb 2020, 14:09. Mon 17 Feb 2020, 14:09 # 625439 The large research project The moose's feed & health in southern Sweden, which has gone deep into the moose's eating habits, is now being finalized. SORK - To identify thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with outbreaks, aggression and various forms of violence 1. Vulnerability 2. Situation / context 3. Organism 4. Response 5. Consequences Mood, stress, blood sugar, fatigue, alcohol, etc. Describe the situation you were in so clearly that it feels like you were there now. What happened in.

To know What vithajen eats is necessary to understand its ecology, behavior and role in the ecosystem. Therefore, researchers have now studied the stomach contents of about 40 white sharks of about 2 meters, accidentally caught off the coast of Australia Sork that eats up my hedge plants. Watch. Reply Search by topic. F. frihamra # 1. Member Level 1 23 Apr 2012 11:40. Member May 2007 Stockholm 18 posts 23 Apr 2012 11:40 # 1. We have about 5 years ago planted medlar plants on a grassy slope. The last two years we have had a lot of voles there Assignment 10: What does a butterfly eat? Published on May 6, 2013 by lenacarolina. 2013-05-06. The mouth of the thistle butterfly has now changed from the larva's jaws (mouth) to a suction beak. It can now only eat liquid food and no longer leaves. In the wild, the butterfly sucks nectar from flowers. Vipers eat various small animals, e.g. frogs, voles and chicks. Read more about the adder on Skansen's website, at the Swedish Museum of Natural History and on Wikipedia In nature, frogs eat a variety of insects. Frogs are predators that generally only eat things that move - which means you feed your frog live insects! General frog food guidelines. Frogs are truly generalist predators - they will eat almost anything that comes in the wild

Vultures and mice Cultivate

Have recently discovered holes in the lawn. Thought it was vole or mole but after looking I do not think so anymore. There are no holes or deep holes for that matter either (more like a hit mark of a golf ball for those of you who have seen it). Nor are there any mounds or droppings I have found. Also keep in mind that bird food can be food for voles, mice and other rodents, which is important to keep in mind. Furthermore, some bird species are generalists and eat almost anything, while others are more specialized and eat only a certain type of food What do my Knock Out roses eat? Created to be plague - and disease resistant, Knock Out Roses is a hybrid shrub step introduced by increased breeder William Radler. Despite its reputation, there are still a number of animals that eat Knock Out roses and pests. Insect We prefer to eat this for everyday dinner. Swedes prefer to eat chicken for dinner. The survey is done to see changes in the Swedes' way of thinking about food and what they eat. For several years, spaghetti and minced meat sauce have topped the list of foods we prefer to eat on weekday evenings

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The article will be interesting for those who want to know what a pig eats. You get to know what pigs eat: what they love, what they can be fed. What is better to give, to end up with more meat or fat with one layer. Feed standards are described: is it possible to feed pigs raw potatoes, oats, rapeseed, beets, corn, chestnuts What do rabbits eat? Rabbits are roughage eaters, which means that they can and should digest cellulose with the help of their bacteria in the appendix. They are like horses and cows grazing animals that in nature mainly feed on grass, leaves and other low plants. Here you will find information about what different birds eat and tips on bird feeding. Find out what the robin eats, for example What the moose eat depends of course on what is available and can therefore vary between different parts of the country. What moose eat varies for natural reasons with the seasons and a certain pattern has been shown in several studies: In winter the moose eats twigs of conifers and deciduous trees How to get rid of vultures that eat roots tunnels in your yard and garden. They eat plants, dead trees and generally tear up the ground underfoot. Vultures can also carry rabies and can pose a danger to your house

Question. hey hey, do you know what foxes eat? Question asked by Diana. Category: General about predators Answer. Hi Diana Foxes, which we do not count among the large predators, eat mostly rodents (mice and voles) and hares. But the fox also eats berries, fruit and carcasses (dead animals) - it largely eats what it comes across Vultures dig passages in the ground and on the lawn, small cavities or mounds of earth can reveal that the animals are below the ground. Vultures are herbivorous and like i.a. grass, seeds and nuts. They rarely enter the houses, but you can work preventively by making sure that there are no holes or cracks in the facade and foundation. Demivegetarian (pescetarian) - refrains from meat but eats vegetable foods, fish, eggs and milk. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian - do not eat meat, including poultry and fish. This means that he or she eats plant-based foods, eggs and dairy products. Lacto-vegetarian - eats only plant foods and dairy products What is the food chain and food pyramid? When we, and all other animals for that matter, eat, we get energy in us. A food chain is thus the path that energy travels between different organisms

What do you eat at a memorial service? At the memorial service, it is most common to eat sandwich cake with subsequent coffee and cake . Café complet is almost as common as the sandwich cake, then a hearty coffee is served with buns, cakes, cake and more. What do cats eat? What should a cat eat or not, what does the cat feel best about? Questions like these can be difficult to answer yourself, especially if you are a new cat mom or dad. Therefore, we thought we would help you sort out the most important concepts about cats and food

Feed hay before concentrates. If the horse comes in from the pasture and is hungry, it easily throws itself over the concentrate, which can mean that it does not chew properly and gets laryngeal constipation. Do not disturb the horse when eating. Do not feed more than the horse eats and remove old food from the crib as soon as possible Think about what your cat likes to eat and drink from. For example, many cats do not like when whiskers collide with the edges of the food or water bowl and many prefer running water. Try to find what works best when your cat is not eating or drinking What do chickens eat? May it be a pinch of gravel? Maybe a handful of grass clippings? Treat your chickens to the right food and they will feel good and give good, yellow eggs. Feel free to offer the chickens some leftover food. PHOTO: Istock. Plan your chicken menu according to the birds' needs. Here you get tips on things that chickens love to pick at

There is a difference between what is good to eat to lose weight, and what is good for everyone. Some people feel stressed over all the advice about food. Then it can be nice to think that the most important thing is that you eat, not what you eat What should a hamster eat? Hamsters are omnivores that eat seeds, nuts, insects and worms in the wild. They like unhealthy food and therefore often become overweight and can easily get protein deficiency if you give them candy food such as rodent mixture What do you eat in Korea. Yes, what do you eat in Korea. In North Korea, it is not so safe for everyone to eat at all, many are still starving there after the famine in the 90s. The cause of that famine was many, and it claimed between 600,000 and 2 million lives

What if a cat eats chocolate or garlic, you may be wondering. Check the list below before giving a food that can be dangerous for cats to eat! The following foods are dangerous for cats because they contain substances that can be toxic to the cat or that the cat's body cannot burn properly. What cats eat - protein and fat. Cats need a lot of protein and with the right amino acid profile in their diet, where a too low content in the food can be directly dangerous. A single meal without the amino acid arginine can be fatal in the worst case and a lack of taurine can lead to serious consequences such as heart disease and blindness. What weakens the immune system? There are three main factors that weaken the immune system: diet, emotions and activities. The diet You are what you eat is something we often say. There are many foods that can have a negative impact on the immune system. These are: Refined white flour Processed sugar Cow flour What vegans eat. 2 tn like. Vegan and food enthusiast who cooks fairly easy-to-cook but tasty food! Feel free to share recipes with me so that people see how easy it is to cook vegan. What happens to the brain when you eat sugar? In recent decades, incredible progress has been made in our understanding of how our diet affects health. Especially when it.

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What really happens in our bodies when we eat sugar? Here, Kerstin Brismar, professor and specialist in endocrinology at Karolinska Institutet, explains. Published on: 2018-11-1 What do cross spiders eat? Questioner Gunilla Helmersson. Answered by Elisabet Andersson. Thursday, 15 August, 2002 - 12:58. Question. Knowing what the great white shark eats is necessary to understand its ecology, behavior and role in the ecosystem. Therefore, researchers have now studied the stomach contents of about 40 white sharks of about 2 meters, caught by mistake off the coast of Australia

What do Wasps Eat? Common wasp, Vespula vulgaris. Photo taken by Frank Hornig. I've read that wasp larvae eat insects that adult wasps have chewed on them, is that correct? In that case, the adult wasps eat the same thing Lobster is, contrary to what many people think, not very difficult to succeed with and to get the best advice we asked an expert. Ola Stålnacke is the kitchen manager at one of Stockholm's most established seafood restaurants: Sturehof, here he answers six common questions about lobster. 1. How do I eat lobster

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What does the ladybug eat? Most of them are predators and eat other insects, many of which are considered serious pests of plants. The ladybug is often called the gardener's best friend. They eat aphids and thus control the number of pests in the garden and replace the use of chemical pesticides. Iguanas are vegetarians. They climb trees and eat the leaves, fruits and berries they can find. Because lizards are found on all continents except Antarctica, the diet varies greatly between species. For that reason, it is important to have a good knowledge of where your lizard comes from and what it eats in the wild

What do roaches eat? Wed 4 Feb 2009 21:28 Read 5391 times Total 8 answers. meatball obedience Show only Wed 4 Feb 2009 21:28. Short answer: At Easter, Swedes mainly eat eggs, herring and salmon. During the week before the Easter weekend, food sales increase by one billion compared to a normal week and most food is bought by Swedes on Maundy Thursday. But what kind of food do Swedes eat at the Easter table? When Swedish Trade in its annual survey in 2019, Swedes asked what was Jo, because it's a bit like keeping a cash book. If you eat as many calories as you burn, you should keep a fairly even weight. If, on the other hand, you eat more, you go up instead and you eat less, down. Don't forget to look at what you get too. Important when counting calories is also to look at what you get What do monkeys eat? Written by Johan Larsson. Most aparts have lots of predators, or natural enemies, to worry about. Most of the big jungle cats - leopards, jaguars and cougars - catch and eat monkeys as soon as they get the chance. No matter what, pregnant women and children should keep their intake down for safety. The University of Maryland sets the limit at 1 gram daily for pregnant women, and completely advises against ginger for children under two years. Patients taking blood thinners should talk to their doctors before eating ginger in large quantities

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What do your cats eat? Thu 8 Apr 2010 18:12 Read 14284 times Total 72 answers. lillplutt. Show only Thu 8 Apr 2010 18:12. What do Beavers Really Eat? November 3, 2007, 15:21 This I had not reflected on for five cents, until very recently, when I read this article. Childhood delusion, that beavers feed on trees, trees and trees again, suddenly seemed to be of the slightly more unlikely kind. , once you started thinking about it (No digestive system in the world teaches. 7 answers to You are what you eat - This also applies to your dog! AK says: October 25, 2016 k l. 07:22 There have been attempts to give predators, which are kept at zoos, dry food but it was given up fairly quickly when the animals lost muscle mass, got worse furs and above all got a worse immune system.Rough.But is it really so that Swedes eat super healthy food all the time or it goes on a whole In an article in Aftonbladet's weight club, the National Food Administration's report of Swedes' ten most popular foods, based on what they buy, has been compared with the already mentioned weight club's top ten products according to what the members themselves claim. It is easy, affordable and safe to know exactly what the dog is getting, in addition, the risk of allergies is reduced. In dog food, for example, you can mix in equal parts meat in all forms, boneless fish, nut rumen, carrots, cabbage, - In 30 seconds it learns that you get a piece of meat if you do not eat what is presented

What foxes and other predators eat, they feast on mushrooms and

- It depends on what it is you are going to train. If you are going to train strength, you can with advantage eat quite close. 1-2 hours before. - If, on the other hand, you are going to train with higher intensity and fitness / combustion, it is good if you eat at least 2 hours before. Do not forget to feel for what feels good. Food in the stomach often interferes with jumping, etc. Read about what food to eat and what to avoid when eating LCHF. Here you as a beginner at LCHF get tips and advice

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How to eat crab? Published: September 11, 2008 at 13.02 Updated: Thought to fix some coziness for me and my partner for the weekend, and have looked at crabs in the store, but what do you do with them What do the seals eat on the West Coast? Facebook 0 Tweet 0. This is one of the very current issues that is discussed when 8-fjords invites to a seminar evening in Stenungsund. If you read the comments on Fiskejournalen's news notices, you can guess that this evening will attract many curious listeners. What do porpoises eat? In the Baltic Sea, porpoises mainly eat fish in the order of 20-25 cm, mainly oily fish such as herring and sprat, but also small cod. They need to get 5-10 percent of their own body weight every day, which makes them sensitive to reduced food supply. We need phosphorus, B12, glycine, collagen and EPA / DHA - what we know! Eat meat and fish - in moderation from responsible farmers, hunters and fishermen. V What eats abborren? 2007-06-29, 11:28 The Nordic championships in canning are around the corner and for this purpose I have acquired a 600 liter aquarium with smaller perch for live reference material for my montages (which will be released later)

An adult moose eats 20-30 kg of feed per day during the summer and 8-10 kg during the winter. To assess how much moose a soil can carry, one must study the grazing intensity on the deciduous vegetation and the pine forest. If the most tasty deciduous tree species are heavily grazed, it is high time to reduce the elk population. Eating sweets requires more insulin. If you eat a lot of sweets, a lot of insulin is required. It is absolutely NOT FORBIDDEN to eat sweets, but it is important that you regulate your insulin dose according to what you have eaten to keep the balance What do ants eat. General eating habits of ants Adult ants cannot eat hard food because they have such a narrow esophagus between the middle body and the stomach, therefore adult ants must stick to liquid and viscous food. Planting soil. When planting plants, vegetables and flowers, the choice of soil is a crucial factor. To give your farms a good start, it is important that you use good, high-quality planting soil that creates the right conditions no matter what you plant. Why planting soil from Granngården What does the bear eat? Question asked by josefine. Category: Bear Answer. Hey! The bear is omnivorous, ie it eats everything possible. For example, it eats plants, berries, ants and moose. Answered by Linda Thelin on 12 November 200

The small hazel flower and sunny tussilagon

14 Friday Mar 2014

Week 11, March 2014

Something more that is small, is now blooming and that you very easily miss is the hazel. Surely it has little sweet red puddle flowers? So small that the camera was getting games when I was going to take pictures.

This week I have removed the winter lighting in the garden and on the balconies. Was at Ulriksdal's garden the other day and bought some spring flowers that can replace the removed winter decoration. So I will plant a lovely spring pot this weekend.

I also take up the fight against the deer and block off one of their favorite escape routes. All the way along our fence we have an invisible plastic line just to make it uncomfortable for the deer to jump over. Men just här hoppar de gärna ändå framförallt när en av dem har gjort det grova jobbet att spräcka linan gång efter gång efter gång. Nu tröttnade jag och kompletterade med ett grövre snöre. Skitfult ja. Men det får det vara värt kanske. Hoppas att det funkar nu ett tag. Ser att de även varit på ligusterplantorna jag satte i höstas.

Sen blir jag glad över att mina andra julrosor är på G, bland annat denna hybrid som snart slår ut. Helleborus niger, den vita, knoppar också och slår snart ut.

Och visst är videkissarna fina? Nu säger säkert någon att det där inte är vide utan sälg eller något annat. Vilket det mycket väl kan vara. Jag och vänner har spekulerat i om det där trädet verkligen är vide. Hursomhelst, kissen är mjuk och fin.

Så lagar du mat med sous vide-metoden:

1. Vakuumförpacka råvarorna

Vakuumförpacka maten med valfri kryddning, olja eller marinad. Placera den därefter i kokkärlets vatten. Vakuumpåsen bevarar smakerna istället för att flyta ut i vattenbadet.

2. Ställ in temperatur och tid

Kläm fast sous vide-cirkulatorn vid sidan av kokkärlet och ställ in önskad temperatur och cirkulationshastighet. Maten tillagas sedan till exakt den temperaturen under den inställda tiden.

Om du önskar en finare yta innan servering fixar du det med en gasbrännare eller gjutjärnspanna. Glöm inte att maten i själva verket är färdig här, och att det bara är ytan som ska bättras på i riktigt het värme.

Inspekto – Sammanställer testvinnare har som mål att sammanställa bäst i test guider på nätet och på så sätt sammanställa de bästa produkterna inom olika produktkategorier för våra besökare. Inspekto är ständigt under utveckling och alla våra befintliga test uppdateras regelbundet allt eftersom det kommer nya produkter eller att det kommer nya oberoende test på produkterna.

Vi anser att det är mer pålitligt att använda testresultat från flera oberoende testkällor och inte bara endast gå på vad ett enda bäst i test säger. En annan fördel med att använda flera olika oberoende test är att vi får in fler produktrekommendationer då de flesta test aldrig kan testa allt som finns på marknaden.

Oftast kombinerar vi både kundrecensioner och resultatet från flera oberoende test när vi sammanställer våra rekommenderade produkter. Det är nämligen inte helt ovanligt att produkter presterar bra i testlabbet, men som sedan visar sig prestera sämre när vanliga konsumenter använder produkten.

Förhoppningsvis kan våra sammanställningar och köpguider hjälpa dig att hitta den produkt du söker.

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