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Photo of zonal pelargonium, fragrant, curly large-flowered, pink, etc. Information

Photo of zonal pelargonium, fragrant, curly large-flowered, pink, etc.

Photos of indoor plants Published: Last edits: Briefly about leaving Pelargonium tolerates direct sunlight well. In summer, the usual room temperature is suitable, and in winter it is advisable to keep pelargonium at a temperature of about 10 degrees. The soil between waterings is allowed to dry out a little.

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Ginkgo biloba Collections

Ginkgo biloba

What it is Ginkgo biloba is an arboreal plant of fossil origin, it already existed 250 million years ago. Originally from China, it is now known all over the world. The ginkgo biloba tree is very tall, about 40 meters. Its botanical name is Ginkgo biloba L. and it belongs to the Ginkgoaceae family.

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Cultivate olive tree Information

Cultivate olive tree

The olive tree is a typical plant of the Mediterranean flora. Widespread mainly in central and southern Italy, the olive tree is also present in the north near lakes and seas, or where the climate is milder. For several years the olive tree has been widespread as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens so that its cultivation is nowadays more and more widespread.

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 Fighting aphids on cucumbers Information

Fighting aphids on cucumbers

Aphids are one of the most famous and common pests of vegetable and fruit plants. You can fight it, but you need to start on time, and one treatment is usually not enough. This also applies to aphids that have settled on cucumbers. Signs of aphids on cucumbers Of all the known species of aphids, cucumbers are mainly visited by melons, which, in addition to melons, watermelons and other pumpkin seeds, also adores legumes and cabbage.

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Acer palmatum Information

Acer palmatum

Question: Acer palmatum On my terrace I managed to grow a beautiful red Japanese maple in pot and in half shade. It looks great, it's full of gorgeous leaves but as soon as the sun gets a little bit longer more & 39; strong they burn (I have no spaces in total shade). I then thought of red curly maple, but it is possible to grow it in pots?

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Calla Lily Problems: Reasons Why My Calla Lily Is Drooping Information

Calla Lily Problems: Reasons Why My Calla Lily Is Drooping

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistCalla lilies are native to South Africa and grow well in temperate to warm climates or as indoor plants. They are not particularly temperamental plants and adapt well to full sun or partial shade. Calla lily problems arise when the plant is over or under watered.

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